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AERGO is an enterprise-ready blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies.

  • AERGO has a strong team and influential advisors
  • Partnership with blockchain solution advisor has been established. More potential opportunities for partner in the pipeline.
  • Hype rate is medium, with a solid, ever-growing community.
  • We will be investing.


What is it?

AERGO aims to develop a new blockchain protocol, with advanced and easy to use developer tools and a state of the art dApp orchestration and deployment framework. The platform seeks to enable enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud.

AERGO tries to empower companies and developers to effortlessly configure, assemble and convey their own blockchain applications inside the cloud. The platform intends to offer the possibility for developers to tailor their blockchain and applications to their own necessities, by giving them the decision to keep running crosswise over either an open or private system.

Considering the varying attributes private and open blockchain executions exhibit, the decision between the two expects to give companies and developers the adaptability they want when planning a specifically purposed application. Facilitating everything over a protected cloud distributed network, AERGO additionally expects to mitigate organizations from huge overheads through the disposal of needing to establish physical infrastructure themselves to run blockchain protocols and applications.


Technical aspects

AERGO’s core technology is based on COINSTACK2 from Blocko Inc. (“Blocko”), a leading blockchain technology and enterprise IT integration-services company with operations in the UK, South Korea and Hong Kong. COINSTACK-based blockchain systems have already been deployed to 25 million users in over 20 in-production systems.


Technical conclusion

AERGO aims to become the de facto enterprise blockchain. One that bridges the gap between both public and private networks. A platform that uses core blockchain technology and deployment blueprints that have already been proven in real-life in-production systems across the world by Blocko. We support them in this endeavor, and, as at the time of writing, the technical side seems solid.


Who are the competitors?

Elrond Network, Weeve Network, Quoiblock.


What is the ICO’s USP?

AERGO aims to provide a complete framework for developing, orchestrating and deploying distributed Apps on secure and high-performance cloud architectures. Blocko will assist them in order to create the technology and ecosystem. The key players in the proposed ecosystem will include any type of business wishing to use blockchain and exploit its benefits; as well as the IT contractors and subcontractors, infrastructure and service providers that provide value-adding services.


Potential use case for this ICO

AERGO also intends to support open source developers who wish to use, develop, and extend core features and projects within the AERGO ecosystem. AERGO proposes to become the next open source platform that caters to all of one business’ needs.


Who are the team?

Phil Zamani

  • Global VP Sales & Biz Dev. Internet Embedded Linux Appliances for Redhat Inc.
  • Global Head of Big Data & Cloud Biz Models at Santander
  • Senior VP of Cloud Biz Unit at Deutsche Telekom
  • 20 years of open source and cloud business experience

Hun Young Park

  • Expertise in large scale and high performance software design
  • 12 years of experience in Relational DBMS and distributed solutions
  • Researched and developed various data platform areas and AI
  • KAIST, Computer Science. AI Lab, MS

Roderik van der Graaf

  • Founder of Lemniscap, an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain space
  • 7 years of private equity/venture capital at Caldera Pacific and KCP Capital
  • 13 years of equity derivatives trading at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Rabobank, Bear Stearns, LIM Advisors and All Options
  • B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering (University of Hertfordshire) and MSc. in Information Technology (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London)

Won Kim

  • 9 years of experience in Relational DBMS
  • 6 years of research & development of distributed systems
  • Boston Univ. Computer Science

Jane Lee

  • 7 years of experience in Strategy Consulting at Accenture
  • Expertise in digital transformation, and technology commercialization
  • Cornell Univ. Hotel Administration

Alison Shim

  • 5 years of experience in Strategy Consulting at Accenture
  • Expertise in go-to-market, and business development
  • New York Univ. Economics and Communication studies

Sung Jae Woo

  • 9 years of experience in Relational DBMS buffer cache and IO subsystem development
  • Expertise in Computational Physics
  • Korea Univ. Physics. PhD

Kyung Tae Lee

  • 12 years of experience in Relational DBMS and Query engine development
  • Expertise in Graph database
  • Kangwon Univ. Computer and Communication Engineering

Yun Woo Park

  • 10 years of experience in Relational DBMS and Distributed Management System
  • Principal software researcher in database R&D
  • Korea Univ. Computer Science

Bernardino Ramos

  • 19 years of experience on software development
  • Expertise on SQLite database replication
  • Creator of Binn, LiteReplica and LiteSync

All in all an all-star team of highly skilled professionals. The team also includes a long list of advisors and other developers.


Who are the advisors?

Eddie Alleyn

  • A technology entrepreneur and expert in security and secure communications
  • He spent thirty five years leading special projects for the UK Government
  • Was Chair and CEO of HMGCC, an agency of the FCO
  • He is now an Exec and Non-Executive Director to innovative tech start-ups in the security and cyber security fields, and an Adviser to SANS Institute

Vincent Zhou

  • A founding partner of FBG Capital
  • Extensive experience in digital assets trading and investment
  • He is considered as one of the most well-connected and visionary crypto hedge fund managers in Asia

Djamel Souici

  • A legal expert on open source technology, Licensing and business models
  • He is a leading advisor and practitioner in Data Privacy and Regulation (such as GDPR)
  • A member of the German Legal Barr Association, has spent the past 19 years as General and Legal Counsel for a number of innovative software firms
  • He has developed a number of strategic partnerships with many Fortune 100 firms in diverse sectors
  • Djamel is also a renowned negotiator and expert in international mergers and acquisitions

Julian Lenz

  • Julian Lenz is an experienced investor and advisor to a selective number of blockchain projects
  • Julian has previously been an advisor and mentor to many startups involved with cryptography and enterprise-IT
  • He has an extensive crypto network – cultivated links to developers, partners, incubation labs and other research groups
  • Julian is a trusted advisor to many projects, crypto-funds and influencers that develop or work with bleeding edge protocols and dAPP’s

The advisors are extremely experienced professionals working in relevant industries. They are a critical addition to the team and will bring incredible value to the project.


What partnerships do they have?

Blocko Inc. Blocko is an enterprise blockchain solution provider.

More partnerships are in works, especially with cloud providers as they will be essential to the platform.


Is this a utility or a security token?

This is a utility token.


Do they need a token?

Due to the complex structure of the platform, connecting the AERGO Hub, Marketplace and Chain, not using a token issued on the blockchain would significantly add to the complexity of the product. Using a blockchain in this project is almost essential.


When is the ICO and what are the token metrics?

Total Tokens: 500,000,000

Available for Token Sale: 30%

Use of proceeds:

  • R&D 40%
  • Marketing 15%
  • Ecosystem incubation 30%
  • Strategic alliances and business development 10%
  • Miscellaneous 5%



There is currently no active GitHub.


Hype Rate

Medium. There is a solid, ever-growing community. Many reviews and posts regarding the ICO have been made on various platforms. The telegram is growing quickly, comprising more than 20 000 members at the time of writing.


What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is solid. According to the roadmap, we should see full implementation of the platform by end of 2019.


Will we be investing?

This seems like an ambitious project backed by some of the best minds in the crypto industry. We will be investing.


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