APPLE and SAMSUNG Joining The CRYPTO Bandwagon?!? + Bitcoin Giveaway!!!

Today I have three really cool and interesting news segments to share with you.

So first up, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin SV, stating that is is Obviously a Scam. He’s said this in the past, and despite Bitcoin SV moving up the ranks, Buterin appears confident that Bitcoin SV won’t last. Moving on, we have Apple CryptoKit for iOS 13, which suggests that full cryptocurrency wallets are coming to the iPhone. And finally, Samsung has revealed that it is designing and manufacturing chips for Bitcoin mining. So guys if you want to hear all about the exciting news today, please make sure you stick right until the very end.

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The Market Today

Let’s move onto the market. You can see here that we’re coming back from our very red market yesterday. Today’s market is still quite red, but the declines are much smaller. Here we have Bitcoin decreasing by 2.57 %, Ethereum, by 2.18 %, and Ripple’s XRP, falling by 3.41 %. Moving onto the top 20, you can see here that there are still quite steep declines. We have Ethereum Classic falling by 9.02% and Tezos decreasing by 10.58%.


Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin SV

If we look at the news, you can see here that, according to CCN, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin slammed Bitcoin SV in an interview calling it, obviously a complete scam. While this isn’t the first time Buterin has shared such opinions on Craig Wright, he definitely shows that he hasn’t changed his mind one bit. In the interview with Hardcore Crypto, Buterin stated that:

Obviously BSV is a complete scam, but the delisting from Binance – that was interesting. There are arguments in favor of it, but then there’s also an argument that this is a centralized exchange that’s wielding a lot of power.


Before we jump over to discuss his comments concerning Binance, you can see here that Buterin is not holding back when it comes to his comments concerning BSV. He mentioned after the Bitcoin Cash hash war that:

Yeah no, I have my disagreements with the Bitcoin roadmap, PoW, etc but they’re trying to do something that’s genuinely cool tech. BSV is a pure dumpster fire.


He then also questioned Bitcoin SV’s 128mb block sizes – stating that:

The 128MB blocks are an insanely stupid idea and that [he has] no idea what their vision or goal even is.

Now despite Buterin’s thoughts on BSV, he noted that the bigger problem could be Binance, the major cryptocurrency exchange. BSV would have tricked a few gullible investors, but CCN argues that Binance could be an even bigger problem, especially with their history, which includes exorbitant fees from projects to list on the exchange.

Buterin added that:

They’ve asked for big listing fees. They influence which coins win and lose by deciding which trading pairs they have – so it’s weird to criticize that one decision (the delisting) without looking at all their others.” Buterin definitely raises really interesting and good points to take into account when it comes to both Bitcoin SV and Binance.


Apple Announces CryptoKit

Moving on, we have Apple’s CryptoKit. Now according to CrryptoSlate, you can see here that Apple has announced Crypt0Kit, a new framework that allows developers to undergo cryptographic operations in a secure and efficient manner. What’s so exciting about this news is that the newly added feature suggests that the iPhone may potentially come out with a native crypto wallet.

According to Apple, the CryptoKit will give developers a new framework when it comes to cryptographic functionality. It will allow operations like hashing, key generation, and encryption into the iOS apps. The cryptocurrency was, however, shocked that the cryptokit will allow developers to use public-key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures and perform key exchanges. Apple’s newest addition to iOS 13 means that it could potentially have completely hardware wallet functionality in the future. Looks like Apple may be following Samsung’s footsteps as the Samsung Galaxy S10 had an integrated wallet that allows users to store their private keys.


Samsung Bets On Bitcoin Mining

Image result for samsung


And finally last but not least, we have news on Samsung and their bet on Bitcoin mining. According to CryptoSlate, it looks like Charles Song, the general manager for Samsung Foundries China mentioned at the MicroBT conference in China that Samsung has been designing and manufacturing 3nm and 5nm chips designed for Bitcoin mining. Samsung has been working on these chips since the first quarter in 2018. They also announced at the conference their partnership with MicroBT which is the third largest designer of Bitcoin ASICs, just behind Bitmain and Canaan.

It’s not surprising to see Samsung heading in this direction. Samsung is currently the second largest semiconductor company in the world by revenue just behind Intel. And with the mining equipment niche growing steadily in the market, it’s clear that this has now become a new opportunity for Samsung.


Thoughts on the Above News?

So guys, what are your thoughts on everything?

Do you think Buterin is right? That Bitcoin SV is a complete scam? And that we should also be aware of Binance’s actions and their growing power?

What about The Apple CryptoKit? Is Apple going to have its native crypto wallet anytime soon?

And finally, are you keen to see Samsung moving forward with the Bitcoin mining market?

Let me know what you guys think just in the comments below. And once again if you are keen to win $70 in Bitcoin this week, just like, comment and subscribe. It’s Cindy with CryptoPig. I’ll be seeing you guys around.


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