It’s Cindy here with CryptoPig, and damn guys we have so many cool news segments to share with you today. Just a quick overview of all the things we’re going through, so first up the team behind NEO, the 20th largest digital asset in the world has received a $100 million NEO EcoBoost funding that would contribute to the overall growth of the NEO ecosystem. Second up, Flexa, a financial technology firm, has launched the SPEDN crypto payments app to make it easier for over 30k stores in the United States to accept bitcoin and altcoins in a frictionless way. Thirdly, the United States financial watchdog, SEC has once again failed to pass a verdict concerning the Bitwise Bitcoin exchange-traded fund application. Fourthly, Coinbase is Opening up XRP Trading for New York Residents, Fifth news for the day, Ebay is hinting at accepting crypto, and finally, the sixth news item is that can Bitcoin be your next lottery ticket for the next ten years? Erik Finman, definitely believes so, stating that ‘if you’re not a billionaire in 10 years, it’s your own fault! Yes, guys, that’s six juicy news items we have for today, but hold up, that’s not the only exciting thing to happen.

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Moving onto Coinmarketcap, we’ve got a really green and healthy market, with the bulls clearly in charge of the crypto galaxy! The world’s flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC) has slightly increased by 1.76 percent. Ether (ETH) in its “second in command” status, has increased by 10.24 percent. Okay, guys but this is probably going to shock you. Ripple’s XRP is still in the third position, but it’s increased by 26.75 percent! That’s pretty crazy guys! Probably due to Coinbase effect –  the launch of XRP trading by Coinbase to New York residents – something we’ll be covering soon! Ripple’s XRP maintains the number three position, and it’s currently gaining by a whopping 21.49 percent, probably due to the launch of XRP trading by Coinbase. Other considerable movements in the market include Stellar Lumens and Cardano. Stellar Lumens has increased by 12.84 percent while Cardano is rising by 14.74 percent. As for our top 20 tokens, we still have a very green and lush market with TRON increasing by 11.40 percent, IOTA by 11.91 percent, Tezos by 12.75 percent, Ontology by 16.70 percent, and NEO by 12.46 percent, all rising by double digits.

Let’s jump into our news segment! According to a tweet by Da Hongfei, the founder of the NEO (NEO) distributed ledger technology (DLT) project, NEO has received a fresh $100 million funding to enable it to strengthen its ecosystem.

Specifically, Da Hongfei has made it clear that the new $100 million war chest will be channeled into the activation of seed projects, support the development and growth of decentralized applications (dApps), further development of infrastructure as well as facilitating more institutional collaboration. That’s not all, and the NEO founder has also hinted that a fraction of the $100 million NEO EcoBoost will be used for community synergy and promotion for blockchain projects under the NEO network.“We are exhilarated to unveil NEO EcoBoost $100M funding into NEO’s ecosystem! The goal is to activate seed project, support dApps growth, further develop infrastructure & bolster institutional collaboration. NEO EcoBoost extends beyond funding to tech support, community synergy, and promotion,” declared Da Hongfei.

Interestingly, Da Hongfei, who was present at the ongoing Consensus 2019 Blockchain Summit, also revealed that the NEO team is putting the finishing touches to the NEO 3.0 blockchain, an upgrade of the network aimed at fostering mass adoption of NEO. Though the recent bitcoin price rally has also been having a positive effect on the entire crypto markets, this exciting news has succeeded in further boosting the price of NEO.

Moving onto the 2nd part of the news! Per a report by The Daily Hodl bitcoin (BTC) has reached another significant milestone in its journey towards mainstream adoption, as Flexa, a U.S-based fintech startup has launched the SPEDN mobile app which enables crypto holders to easily pay for daily purchases with bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and the Gemini dollar stablecoin at more than 30,000 retail stores in the United States including Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Gamestop, Jamba Juice, Lowe’s, Starbucks and Petco, to mention a few.

To pay with cryptos via the SPEDN app, a user who already has his cryptos in the secure app only needs to scan the app’s barcode at the payment point, just like other forms of digital payment. The Flexa network will then quickly convert the exact payment amount from cryptos to U.S. dollars and send the payment to the merchant.

Notably, the Flexa team has made it clear that it has also partnered with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange in a bid to integrate the Gemini dollar (GUSD) into the app and help users cushion the effect of crypto volatility. “Our partnership with Gemini means that every SPEDN wallet is securely custodied and fully insured on Gemini’s NYDFS-regulated platform. It also means that we’re able to add the Gemini dollar, the world’s first, regulated. Dollar-pegged stablecoin, to Flexa network, so that you can spend cryptocurrency without worrying about volatility,” said the Flexa team.

While king bitcoin and other digital assets have proven they have all it takes to revolutionize the world of borderless payments, the fact still remains that digital assets will not be able to achieve their full potentials without highly functional solutions like Flexa’s SPEDN app, and it’s a good thing that all hands are now on deck to build real infrastructures aimed at promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Now, the third news Item for today! According to a report by Coindesk, the cryptospace will have to wait much longer before welcoming the first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, as the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has yet again delayed passing its verdict on the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF proposal.

It’s worth noting that the financial regulator has been postponing the approval or rejection of several ETF filings for quite some time now and it is not yet clear if the much anticipated Bitcoin-powered investment vehicle will get the blessings of the SEC anytime soon. Of a truth, the launch of a Bitcoin ETF could potentially attract more institutional investors to the crypto markets, however, the issue of regulatory clarity is far more critical than a Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC at this time, and it appears the regulators are trying to regulate the markets first before approving a crypto ETF.

Now, let’s look into why XRP is increasing like crazy! According to Coindesk, Coinbase Opens up XRP Trading for New York Residents.

The company tweeted on Monday saying that any New Yorkers can now log in to buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store XRP on using their iOS and Android Apps. Coinbase previously added XRP support, but this did not include New York and UK residents. The support is definitely a key factor that has affected XRP’s crazy price increases.

If you’re a fan of Bitcoin adoption, then you’d love the news coming next. InvestinBlockchain reports that giant e-commerce platform eBay may soon accept cryptocurrencies as payment after images seen from the Consensus 2019 conference in New York shows an advertisement that states “Virtual Currency” It’s happening on eBay. Reach 179 million active buyers in the world’s largest marketplace. While it hasn’t been confirmed, there have been many theories as to how eBay would implement cryptocurrencies on their platform. Many believe that the e-commerce giant will partner with a payments platform to accept crypto and merchants will receive a fiat converted equivalent.

Now just before I end things, I want to introduce you to this article by MarketWatch, ‘if you’re not a billionaire in 10 years it’s your own fault,’ says 20-year-old Bitcoin tycoon.’ Now Bitcoin has experienced a nice resurgence, but what are your thoughts on Erik Finman Bitcoin prediction? Now Finman believes that Bitcoin is like a lottery ticket for those who hold on to or invest directly in the digital asset for at least the next 10 years. “I 12,000% believe that I believe that you could be a millionaire by investing in blockchain and Bitcoin.” Finman believes that Bitcoin and bitcoin cash the technological backbone for cryptocurrency assets could lead to significantly massive gains! While we don’t know how investments in Bitcoin and blockchain will turn out in the future, it definitely looks like Finman isn’t the only one who’s super optimistic about the future results!

So, guys, that was a pretty long video. So now for your thoughts.

What do you think about NEO’s $100 million funding? What are your thoughts about the new SPEDN crypto payments mobile app? And how do you see the postponement of the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF by the SEC? Are you one of the lucky investors experiencing the XRP increase in price? And do you think eBay will move forward with their crypto payment option? And finally, do you think Bitcoin will make you a millionaire in the future!

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