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To kick off the first week of July, we have five fantastic news segments to discuss with you. So let’s have a look at what they are. We will begin with a report from the Daily Hodl which says that billionaire investors are interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market as the, while the dangerous and volatile world of the crypto space offers a virtually unparalleled upside for them. Next, on Cryptoglobe, the brave browser is said to enable its users to tip with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). In addition, can you believe that Chainlink, a blockchain platform aiming to connect smart contracts to external data sources, has soared 117.2% after listings on Coinbase Pro and Coinbase retail? And on Coin Telegraph, Craig Wright says that he does not have access to his bitcoin (BTC) addresses, which we kind of all heard it coming. And the last news article for today, MoneyGram CEO Alexander Holmes emphasizes that XRP and xRapid are the ‘Absolute Right’ assets for global settlements due to their ability to move capital in a way that no other asset can.

So, guys, we have a lot of cool news pieces to discuss with you today. If you’d like to know all about them, just make sure you stay with me right untill the very end. And guys, the cool giveaway we have for this week is  $70 in Bitcoin tokens. It’s super easy to enter in the draw; all you need to do is to like, comment, and subscribe. We will be announcing who the winner is at the end of this week, by drawing a video and then drawing a winner from the video. Good luck to you all guys!! And if you love what we do, then please make sure you like and subscribe and just pop a comment down below and you could win that $70 worth in Bitcoin.


The Market Today

Now, let’s see how the market is performing in July. On coinmarketcap, you can see that we are completely bearish with all coins are in reds. For the top 10, Bitcoin is still decreasing hard with 9.11%, falling back to below $11,000 mark. Meanwhile, Ethereum and XRP are also losing by 8.8% and 6.33% respectively. On the top 20, we also see identical trends. Monero is dropping the most with 10.75%. Similarly, NEO and Cosmos are also plummetting by 8.5% and 8.54%.

Billionaire investor is still highly interested in the Bitcoin token

Now let’s move onto the first news item. Although many people are still pessimistic about the future of crypto (despite its nice recent bullish runs), this billionaire investor is still highly interested in the Bitcoin token. Who is he? It’s Henry Kravis, the co-founder of the private equity firm KKR & Co. He is investing in a cryptocurrency fund of ParaFi Capital, as also reported by Bloomberg. In an interview, the ParaFi Capital founder Ben Forman says:

“in the high-yield markets, I used to fight to outperform the index by tens of basis points. Crypto, on the other hand, due to its nascency, offers a tremendous amount of alpha to active managers.’’

For those who are unaware, ParaFi has also invested in Coinbase, MakerDAO (the Ethereum-based project) and Grab (the transportation, logistics and financial services app).

Brave browser enables its users to tip BAT

Next up, per a report on Cryptoglobe, Brave browser, a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc., is said to soon enable its users to tip Basic Attention Token (BAT) on social media platform Reddit and on the video sharing platform Vimeo. Actually, they haven’t published an official announcement for this new feature yet. So how do we know about this? Reddit users have found that on Brave bowser’s developer version for desktops, they have spotted “tip” buttons on their Vimeo and Reddit feeds. On a thread about the subject, a moderator on Brave’s subreddit stated:

“The features in our developer preview build make their way into our BETA and then MAIN on a 3-week development cycle, so they’ll be in MAIN soon.”

Chainlink surged 117.2%, from $2.03 to $4.41

Moving on, Chainlink, a blockchain platform aiming to connect smart contracts to external data sources, is noticed to surge 117.2%, from $2.03 to $4.41, over three days after Coinbase Pro and Coinbase retail listed the token on their boards. As you can see in the chart, this is a classic case of the “Coinbase effect,” where a cryptocurrency’s price surges after its listing are announced on Coinbase. We can also notice this phenomenon in some other cases. For instance, 8 hours after listing, Bitcoin Cash increased by 9.9%, Augur increased by 15.3%, and EOS increased by 10.1%.

Craig Wright does not have access to his Bitcoin asset

And for the fourth news item. It looks like Craig Wright, the self-claimed creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto, does not have access to his Bitcoin asset – not surprise and pretty typical of the dude. On May 3, the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida issued an order asking Wright to send them a list of his public bitcoin addresses. On June 28, Craig Wright said that he cannot comply with a court order to provide a list of all his early bitcoin (BTC) addresses. Wright gives the reason that he gave a key piece of information of the funds and wallets to Kleiman, a cyber-security expert, before his death, making it difficult to find the digital wallets or the funds they purportedly hold. What do you think, guys? A real story or one just to cover up his story?

Global finance issues can be settled by xRapid

And finally the last piece of news for today. Per a report by Daily Hodl, MoneyGram, a money transfer company based in the United States, believes that global finance issues can be settled by utilizing Ripple’s XRP-based cross-border payment solution xRapid. Now, guys, if you notice, we did mention this in the past – but now we are bringing this up again as we have more information to share with you. According to Alexander Holmes, MoneyGram CEO, the biggest advantage of Ripple’s xRapid partnership is the ability to move capital in real time without the need to hold large sums of money in bank accounts around the globe. The CEO seemed to be very excited when talking about this:

“Here comes Ripple with an amazing platform that has the opportunity for us to automate that, speed it up and do some really great things utilizing their technology. I think it’s great for us, it’s good for them.”


That is the end of the news for today. So guys, what are your thoughts concerning these situations?

Are you a Bitcoin optimist after all of its bullish and bearish runs?

Are you excited to use the new feature on Brave browser and tip others with the BAT token?

Do you think that Chainlink can maintain the force and continue to surge in the next few days?

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

And finally, can Ripple be the best service when it comes to offering cross-border payment solutions?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. And remember you can win $70 in Bitcoin token. All you need to do is like, comment, and subscribe. It’s your girl Cindy with Cryptopig. I’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow.


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