Brave Browser Overtakes Firefox in Spain!!!

To end the week, today I will be discussing with you four hot news items that are trending hard. First and foremost, just after the announcement we made yesterday regarding Bakkt’s significant surge in Bitcoin Futures trading volume, Bakkt has just recently announced its plan to launch Bitcoin options contract in December – which will be based on its Bitcoin monthly futures contract. Second up, it looks like the Brave Browser has reportedly surpassed Firefox to rank 10th in the communications category on Google Play Store. The ranking actually prioritizes engagement over the number of downloads, which goes to show that Brave has actually been increasing in popularity in Europe. Third up, despite recent news in the last few weeks concerning Visa dropping out of the Libra Association, the CEO of Visa noted that the company is still in discussions with Facebook on the Libra Project and is still interested in developing Libra with Facebook. And finally, the last news piece for the day. It looks like Tencent, the Chinese Internet Giant and parent of WeChat Pay, admitted that Facebook’s Libra token would be a serious threat to WeChat Pay.


The Market Today

Today it looks like the cryptocurrency market is recovering from yesterday’s downturn. Bitcoin is slightly gaining 0.51%, still standing at $7,456. ETH and XRP are also witnessing a positive movement of 0.97% and 2.76% respectively. Notably, BSV is skyrocketing with a whopping 15.56% increase from yesterday.


Bakkt CEO: Bitcoin options contract will be out December this year

Just a day after Bakkt recorded its highest Bitcoin monthly futures trading, it looks like Bakkt will be launching a Bitcoin options contract based on its Bitcoin monthly futures contract. According to AMB Crypto, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler, noted that the new contract is actually based on customer feedback and is designed to hedge or gain Bitcoin explores, generate income and offer cost and capital efficiencies. The Bitcoin Options Contract will go live towards the end of this year on December 9, 2019. The launch of the Bitcoin Options Contract will mean that Bakkt would be the first platform to launch a regulated Bitcoin options contract on Bitcoin Futures. According to the blog post, ICE Futures US, received a green light of approval from the CFTC and will be leveraging its already existing Bitcoin futures prices and custody solutions. Bakkt mentioned on Twitter that,

“The Bakkt Bitcoin Options contract will be based on the benchmark Bakkt Monthly Bitcoin Futures contract and represents another important step in developing this asset class for institutional investors.”


The Bitcoin Options contract offered by Bakkt has 8 key features. These include capital efficiency, cash or physical settlement, European style options, attractive fees, broad distribution and liquidity, instant messaging, block trades, and options analytics. Despite Bakkt’s relatively slow early performance, they recently saw a record of 590 contracts of Bakkt Bitcoin Monthly Futures change hands yesterday while completing a milestone with seamless physical deliveries in both their daily and monthly Bitcoin futures contracts. Interestingly, this announcement also comes at the same time that CME Group, Bakkt’s competitor announced that it would be launching Bitcoin options in early 2020 after gauging consumer demand. 


Brave browser ranks 10th on Spanish Google Play Store

It looks like the free and open-source web browser Brave is making huge advancements in Spain, where it is currently ranking 10th in the communications category on the Google Play Store. The Brave Browser has actually performed very well throughout 2019, seeing consistent growth. They’ve reached an all-time high of 8 million monthly active users, which goes to show that their crypto-incentivized advertising model is gaining some serious traction. In Japan, Brave also ranks number two in the communications category on Google Play store, ahead of Yahoo Mail, Facebook messenger, and Skype. While this is definitely great news for Brave Browser, many Reddit users contested the spot – saying that the amount of attention Brave received on the Google store doesn’t necessarily mean a better Brave ecosystem. Some even went on to say that it doesn’t measure real usage as the ranking doesn’t take into consideration the number of downloads an app has.


Visa CEO still wants to ‘engage in’ Libra

The CEO of the giant payment processor Visa, Alfred F. Kelly just shared in an interview that Visa is still interested in developing Libra with Facebook. Kelly mentioned in an interview that Visa still maintains a close relationship with Facebook on the subject. Kelly mentioned,

“as a curious and open company – and given the leadership, we have in the payments ecosystem – we want to engage in everything in the payment space until we reach a point where we believe our engagement is no longer positive.”


The CEO also pointed out that Libra still needs time to better itself to satisfy all regulatory requirements before any full implementation.


Tencent: WeChat Pay would be threatened by Libra

In a blockchain whitepaper published this week, Tencent admitted that Facebook’s Libra token would be a serious threat to WeChat Pay, a popular Chinese mobile payment offering that’s connected to more than 300 banks. In the whitepaper, Tencent described the effectiveness of Libra’s expansion strategy.

“It’s a safe play resorting to the strategy of ‘encircling the cities from the rural areas,’ in which Libra coin could quickly enter markets with underdeveloped financial infrastructure, especially those that do not have a credible local currency of their own before it sets its foot in developed markets.”


It’s with this expansive strength and strategy, Tencent believes that Libra will no doubt have a significant impact on the payments industry and finance in general. Tencent, however, did not reveal how it plans to react if Facebook ended up releasing and launching its stablecoin.


That’s all for today! Are you keen to see Bakkt launch its Bitcoin options contract?

Do you think Brave will continue to soar in Spain?

Will Visa be joining the Libra Association anytime soon?

And How would Tencent deal with Facebook’s stablecoin if it launches?



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