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Today we have a Daily Token Review and three really awesome cryptocurrency news segments to share with you. When it comes to today’s news, first up we have Brave, the open-source web browser powered by Basic Attention Token (BAT), which has now hit a massive 1 million monthly downloads, surpassing Mozilla Firefox, and even the Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet. Second up, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano (ADA) distributed ledger technology (DLT) project, has launched a life-changing enterprise blockchain project in Africa. Thirdly, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX) has explained the reasons behind the postponement of the TRON-based USDT giveaway program. Please make sure you stick around until the end if you want to find out more.

As seen on CoinMarketCap, we’ve got a mixture of greens and reds on the market, with the bulls currently struggling to regain strength. The world’s flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC) has increased by 0.35 percent. Ether (ETH) still maintains its “second in command” status, with a minor decrease of 1.26 percent. Ripple’s XRP maintains the number three position, and it’s currently losing by 1.85 percent. Now, if I scroll down to the top 20, the bears also have the upper hand across the board.

Now, onto the news! According to a report by Invest In Blockchain, Brave, a web browser project that claims to be focused on giving back power to the masses by giving them a choice to either view or block ads and earn BAT tokens, has now hit an impressive 1 million monthly downloads on Android. Now, what does this mean for the Brave team and the entire cryptoverse? Brave promises users a faster, secure, private and better browsing experience, while also making it possible for internet users, as well as content publishers,  to earn passive BAT tokens.

Brave’s latest milestone is a strong indication that people who value their online privacy, forward-thinking content creators and others, see the platform as a highly-functional project that could potentially revolutionize the way they browse the web. The latest statistics show that more people are now interested in downloading the Brave browser app on their Android devices every month, as compared to apps like Firefox, which currently manages to attract 756,000 downloads monthly, Binance with 109,000 and Coinbase with just 88,000 monthly downloads.

It’s also worth noting that the Brave browser has seen a significant 450 percent surge in active usage since 2018 and it appears things will only get better for the innovative project. According to data available on BatGrowth at the time of filing this report, there are now more than 100 thousand verified publishers on the Brave platform, with the number of Youtube publishers alone sitting at 83,602, while web and Twitch publishers amount to 19,959 and 7,984 respectively.

Now, onto the second news item for today! Per a report by Forbes, Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano (ADA) and CEO of IOHK, has announced the successful launch of Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework that would provide financial services to billions of people living in Africa. Commenting on the matter, Hoskinson reportedly revealed that Atala will enable developers, companies, and even governments to implement new products. In his words: “Atala is an enterprise framework similar to Hyperledger Fabric. However, the point is to be a solutions provider for governments in need of a municipal currency or a supply chain management system. This requires a type of framework that serves as libraries and modules that would allow governments to rapidly build a product for end users.”

Specifically, Hoskinson has made it clear that Atala will first be used collaboratively with the Ethiopian government to develop a national cryptocurrency that would function as a reliable payment method for residents of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. “We are working with the Ethiopian government to create a new digital payments system that will enable six million users to pay their power and electric bills with cryptocurrency. We want to eventually combine this with an identity card,” he concluded. If all goes as planned, the team says the Atala platform will be introduced in other African regions where it could help them implement a smart economy, while also helping enterprise industries to integrate blockchain technology into their processes.

Now, onto the third news item for today! According to a Coinfrenzy report, Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency and blockchain project has taken to his official Twitter handle to announce the indefinite suspension of the TRC20 Tether (USDT) giveaway program. “I’ve decided to postpone our #USDT rewards program for future updates until there’s more clarity regarding @bitfinex and @Tether_to. Regardless, I firmly believe stablecoins will continue to play a big role in the blockchain space,” declared Sun.

For those who are unaware, Tether and TRON recently joined forces to launch a TRC20-based Tether (USDT), and Sun promised to reward holders of the TRON-based stablecoin with loads of TRC-20 USDT tokens. However, it appears the party will not begin anytime soon for Tether supporters, due to the unending controversies that surround Tether (USDT). At a time when stablecoins such as Trustoken’s TrueUSD (TUSD) and others have proven via independent audits that they are a 100 percent backed by the U.S. dollar, a report by Blockchain Reporter, citing new court documents have revealed that Tether has only 74 percent of its USDT token backed by real dollars and the United States financial regulators have now intensified efforts to uncover the dark secrets of the firm and its allies.

So what are your thoughts on this situation?

Are you confident about Brave’s progress? Do you think that the crypto-powered browser will revolutionize the internet shortly? What are your thoughts about Cardano’s Atala enterprise blockchain in Africa?  Is it a forward-thinking initiative? And how do you see the fresh controversies surrounding Tether (USDT)? Will it allow other credible stablecoins to take the lead? Let me know what you guys think below. If you liked the content, please subscribe and watch our latest videos. It’s Cindy with CryptoPig, Catch you guys around!


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