Cardano Gets a YES from Japan’s National TV

Cardano’s ADA token is the 11th most popular cryptocurrency token. It is currently valued at $0.05 with a market capitalization of $1.3 billion.

The token has made significant progress in 2018. But To kick-off 2019, they were also featured on Japanese National TV. According to Mickey’s Tweet, the Japanese National Broadcast TV station introduced Cardano as a reliable and scientific project.

The blockchain project was also described as having an active community. But this isn’t Cardano’s only Japanese television debut. According to CryptoVibes, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano was also seen on the official national Japanese TV Channel BS1. Hoskinson appeared in a documentary titled Capitalism – the Desire of 2019.

Hoskinson mentioned, “what Bitcoin did, is Bitcoin taught the whole world, that belief doesn’t have to be given to us by a government, that belief doesn’t have to be given to us by a pope or a king, or a prestigious bank. We can just decide for ourselves. Now if you don’t like it – you just build something better. You don’t like your payments system – you just build something better.” Hoskinson has done just that. He initially joined Ethereum as the core developer in 2013. He’s left Ethereum to develop this further with Cardano.

For those who aren’t aware. Cardano, like Ethereum, is a smart contract platform, Cardano is, however, a second generation blockchain network that is looking to solve major issues such as scalability, interoperability, and sustainability, Unlike other blockchain platforms, Cardano is unique because it’s built on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research. Furthermore, there is a sheer amount of care that goes into its upkeep, including the three organizations which work full time to develop and take care of Cardano. These include The Cardano Foundation, Cryptocurrency Engineering Company Input Output Hong Kong, and Emurgo.

Going back to gaining exposure on Japanese TV, Cardano may not have an as strong or visible impact in the US or other developed Western nations, unlike Ethereum. However, in other parts of the world, Cardano has the potential to gain explosive growth. Their positive exposure to the Japanese market is a big win for the organization. Unlike investors in other parts of the world, Japanese investors are more conservative and less likely to take on risky investments. This coverage will bring on more Japanese investors as it highlights the academic credibility of Cardano which will give confidence to these investors. Additionally, Cardano is noted to be the most actively developed token in the last year.

Furthermore, while I’m not sure if we’re going to see this happen anytime soon, but many countries in the world like Rwanda have almost no financial system. Introducing a blockchain network like Cardano may eventually result in the country potentially even skipping the traditional fiscal system, and them moving straight into the cryptocurrency system instead. There lies a lot of great opportunities for the cryptocurrency industry, especially Cardano, if they can deliver what they promised, and if they’re fast enough to tap into these opportunities. While this sounds like sometime in the far future, Cardano gaining media coverage in Japanese television is a great start to 2019 for the organization.

Here’s some even greater news. Cardano’s media coverage very much falls in line with their major developments. According to data found on Coincodecap, Cardano has recorded over 45,000 commits. A commit is like a revision or a change to a file. Every time, there’s a change, it creates a unique hash that allows you to track all the changes. This sheer number of commits makes the Cardano network and the ADA token, the most actively developed network and token in 2018.

Furthermore, Cardano has also undergone major enhancements with their recent Cardano 1.4 release which resolved a lot of problems that had affected many users earlier before. The update also provides improvements when it comes to the hard drive space required to store data and information on the Cardano blockchain network.

When it comes to Cardano’s technical aspects, they’re really right in front of many other blockchain networks. Input Output Hong Kong, a research and development company contracted to build, design, and maintain Cardano until 2020 has also published the Proof of Stake (PoS) whitepaper, a fundamental development for the Cardano blockchain network.

It’s about time that Cardano gets the recognition they deserve. They’ve had pretty negative press in the past about going too slow. But it appears as though they’re doing pretty well now, despite sacrificing speed for quality.  While Ethereum was the first to build a smart contract platform, solving scalability has been an extremely tough struggle. The rush to emerge first and be the best has created a lot of low-quality cryptocurrency projects that will most likely die anytime soon.  Cardano is, however, taking a different approach to everyone in the community, making them a true potential long-term winner. Cardano isn’t in it purely for the PR and headlines, but the team, which consists of strong developers and academics are focussed on getting it right at the technical level. This allows them to create a platform that is secure and solves the problems of blockchain technology not just for today but even for the future.

So what are your thoughts on this situation guys? Do you think it’s about time that Cardano gets the recognition they deserve? Do you think they’re going to be the Ethereum and Neo killer and they can deliver on their promises? Or do you think they’re too ambitious and it’ll take them way too long to build out their platform?

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