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Today I have a lot of interesting and cool stuff to go through with you today! So let’s quickly go over what we’re going to be discussing together.

First up, we have Coinbase adding EOS to its retail platform and mobile apps, opening EOS to millions of retail investors. Now it’s not the first token Coinbase has listed, the company has aggressively listed a number of new crypto assets. While Coinbase was once considered more conservative the company late last year decided to alter its strategy to begin adding a number of new coins. Why? The company could be aggressively going to for more market share, or it’s currently losing market share to other cryptocurrency exchanges. And a big news piece I want to discuss with you is Facebook’s Project Libra. While we do know that Facebook is keen and dead-set on launching its own cryptocurrency token, in this video I’m going to walk you through everything we’ve learnt about this project from August 2018, until now. So that’s going back from to December 2017 when David Marcus, the head of Messenger at Facebook, joins Coinbase’s board of directors to today.

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The Market Today

Now moving onto the market. It’s a bit of a red market today with pretty big declines and decreases across the board. Bitcoin has fallen by 4.15%, Ethereum by 7.79% and XRP declining by 6.18%. If we hop back to the list, you can see that Bitcoin Cash has fallen by 9.49% and Bitcoin SV has dropped significantly by 17.74%.

Now moving onto the top 20, you can see here similar trends across the board. While everyone else is in the reds. Cosmos is however in the green, increasing by 14.25%.


Coinbase listing opens EOS to millions of retail investors

First up, Coinbase listing opens EOS to millions of retail investors. Now according to CryptoSlate, it looks like the next token on Coinbase’s list of tokens to add is EOS, which will be on its retail platform and mobile apps. Coinbase is a very big cryptocurrency exchange. They had 27.9 million visitors in April, with an estimated 25 million users in the first quarter of 2019.

With this many million users, it really provides EOS the chance to tap into the millions of retail investors. It’s really interesting to see Coinbase listing so many new cryptoassets one after another. It was only just in February this year that Coinbase added XRP to their platform. As you can see in the blog post. While EOS will be able in most jurisdictions, it will not be available In the United Kingdom and the state of New York.

A question I’m really wondering is why is Coinbase adding so many new cryptoassets? Back before they decided to add new cryptocurrencies, they went for a much more conservative approach, but it looks as though the exchange may be listening more to their customers. They mentioned that one of the largest requests is to list more cryptoassets and that’s what they’ve done. Up until quarter 4 in 2018, they had a very very exclusive listing policy which only added 5 different cryptocurrencies in its first 6 years operating. But it looks as though more than 15 coins have been added in the past 9 months.

With Coinbase currently losing market share to Binance, the decision to open up more tokens could be an effort to regain that market share and power in the market.


Timeline – Facebook and Project Libra

Moving onto our second news item for today. We know that Facebook is looking to launch its Project Libra – Facebook’s cryptocurrency token. While Facebook hasn’t announced any  plans publicly to the media, there are a lot of details scattered here and there concerning its new token. Here I’m going to walk you through some of the key details leading up to where we are now in regards to Project Libra.

Now back in December 2017,  David Marcus, the Head of Messenger at Facebook, joined Coinbase’s Board. At the time, Marcus was the vice president of Messaging products at Facebook, which included Messenger and WhatsApp. He was also president of PayPal, the leading online payments company in the US. It was also during this time that Facebook was keen to expand more into fintech. In August 2018, Marcus left Coinbase’s Board. He was reassigned to focus on blockchain in May 2018 and stepped down to avoid conflict of interest.

Now in December 2018, Bloomberg reported that Facebook wanted to build a stablecoin. It wasn’t so clear what was to happen moving forward, but at the time, it was believed that Facebook was thinking of a WhatsApp-centered product, focused on India.

Fast forward to February 2019. Cheddar stated that Facebook acquired a British blockchain company called Chainspace. Cheddar reported that the acquisition was more of an acquihire. Facebook had also been acquiring talent with a  number of blockchain job postings in early 2019. There were also many rumors concerning Facebook and how they were seeking investors to back their cryptocurrency project, but nothing has really been confirmed. Facebook did, however, speak with leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

In April 2019, Mark Zuckerberg did reveal at the company’s annual F8 Event for developers that:

I believe it should be as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo.

While it wasn’t so crypto related, it does give us a bit of context on what Facebook’s ambitions are next.

And finally, fast forward to now, the rumors about Facebook looking for funding for Project Libra, quickly entered our lives again when Nathaniel Popper, a New York Times reporter sent out a tweet. Wall Street Journal even substantiated the claim in early May and said that Facebook is meeting with companies like Western Union and Visa. Then it was discovered that Facebook had registered a company in Switzerland called Libra Networks with Facebook Global Holdings as its stakeholder. We then had a report by BBC saying that testing should begin by the end of this year and the currency should rollout in the first quarter of 2020.


So what do you guys think of all this?

First up, EOS and their listing on Coinbase? Are you excited and keen to more of the masses adopt EOS?

And what about the timeline regarding Facebook’s stablecoin? What are your thoughts on it? And will this coin just help Facebook grow into the bigger tech giant than it is today?


Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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