Hey guys, welcome to CryptoPig. Today we have some really awesome segments to share with you from the Daily Token Review to four crazy news items on the cryptosphere! So to give you a quick intro to everything. First up,  leading American e-commerce giant, eBay has come out to deny rumors that it is looking to accept Bitcoin and other cryptoassets as a medium of exchange on its platform. Second up, Eric Voorhees, the CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange, Shapeshift has made bitcoin critics understand that the flagship blockchain-based cryptocurrency has numerous use cases in various regions across the globe. Thirdly, the bitcoin cash (BCH) network has finally carried out its much-talked-about hardfork, amidst bugs and frictions. And finally, if you use Binance the massive crypto exchange when you should know that Binance has resumed trading following the high-profile $40 million Bitcoin hack and finally the EOS reveal on June the 1st – what is is? And what will it be?

I know guys, lots of interesting news today but please make sure you stay till the end if you want to hear all about them. Now once again guys we have a very very cool giveaway to share with you. We will be giving $70 dollars every week from now on. All you need to do is subscribe, like and leave your comment. We will announce who the winner is every Saturday. We will draw a video and then draw a winner from the video. So if you’re really keen to win, if you like and comment in 5 different videos, your chances of winning are 5x. This week will be giving Cardano, so Good Luck to you all!

Now moving on to CoinMarketCap. As you guys can see here, the market is performing extremely well. Bitcoin has increased by 2.91%, but Ethereum has actually shot up to 19.88%, almost hit 20% guys, that’s pretty insane. And XRP on third place with mighty gains of 8.02%. Okay if we flick back to the charts you can see that we’re experiencing mostly double-digit gains for almost all the tokens on the board, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano which is everything else besides Bitcoin and XRP. We’ve had a Bull run earlier this year, but this time these gains are seriously crazy!

But wait until you guys see the top 20. As you guys see here, we once again have everyone in the double digits special mentions to Bitcoin SV increasing by 19.13%, Ethereum Classic by 24.17%, and NEO with a 19.51% boost. Okay but guys what do we have here? The NEM token increasing by 51.11%. Like that’s seriously just blowing my mind! Now, there has been a report stating that Bitcoin and the market’s recent surge is due to its maturation. I’d love to know what your thoughts are about this bull run so just make sure you pop them down below. And once again guys, if you like what we’re doing and see value in the content, please make sure you like and subscribe the video.

Now let’s look at the news! According to a report by Cointelegraph, eBay, a United States-based multinational e-commerce corporation that handles consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales, has denied rumors that it has now joined the cryptocurrency movement, despite dropping crypto integration hints via its billboard ads at the Consensus summit in New York City.

“Virtual Currency. It’s happening on eBay,” reads one of eBay’s billboards.

Commenting on the matter, an eBay spokesperson stated that: “Cryptocurrency is not accepted as a form of payment on the eBay platform, nor is it part of our payments strategy.”

While eBay reportedly has a section on its website marked virtual currency, where users of the site can buy cryptos from sellers via traditional payment methods, officially making bitcoin and altcoins accepted payment method would have undoubtedly had a positive effect on the entire crypto markets, considering the fact that the e-commerce platform has a colossal user base. Though some observers have attributed the recent bitcoin price rally to the eBay rumor, it is now obvious that the news has no hand in the bitcoin price match towards the moon as the bulls keep raging on despite eBay’s comments. It’s worth noting that a good number of merchants and stores across the globe recently joined the crypto bandwagon, including the likes of Whole Foods Markets, Barnes & Noble and Bed & Beyond, to mention a few.

Now, moving onto the second news piece. Per a report by AMBCrypto, while notable bitcoin and cryptocurrency critics, as well as haters, often argue that cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin (BTC) has no real use cases asides being used as a tool for money laundering and speculative purposes, Eric Voorhees, the highly reputed CEO of ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange, has made it clear that bitcoin is more than just a super volatile digital money.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Voorhees stated categorically that bitcoin’s constant price fluctuations and bubbles pave the way for it to establish itself as a viable medium of exchange. In  response to whether bitcoin will ever be more than just a speculative asset, the eccentric American startup founder reiterated that:

“The usage of bitcoin actually depends on where the user is. In Venezuela, people are using it to escape inflation while in other jurisdictions like Japan, Switzerland, the U.S e.t.c people have started using it in real-life transactions. I agree that a majority of the use cases are still speculative, but that will change as soon as people fully embrace it.” Hate it or love it, cryptoassets are fast revolutionizing the world of finance, thanks to their promise of providing users’ with a borderless, superfast and cost-efficient payment option.

And thirdly, According to a Coingeek report, the much-anticipated bitcoin cash hard fork went live on May 15 as scheduled, amidst bugs and frictions. Specifically, the upgrade was activated on block 582680, but the network suddenly came to a halt, failing to produce new blocks for nearly half an hour.

“It appears as if there may be a problem with the bitcoin cash hardfork upgrade, the number of transactions per block is low (0 in the last 9 blocks, other than the Coinbase transaction. Below chart is the number of transactions per block, and the orange line is the hardfork point,”tweeted BitMEX Research.

Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) developer, Greg Griffith took to Reddit to explain that the glitch was caused by a bitcoin cash ABC client issue. Though ABC developers are now working on the issue, Reddit user, Ferriesta Patronum has stated that “though no [bitcoin cash] coins were in danger, the bug highlighted “the need for a more distributed codebase.”

Now moving on, Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will resume trading activity after undergoing a security upgrade following last week’s 7,000 BTC (equal to approximately $41 million dollar hack.

According to a tweet from Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao, as of May 15, 2019, orders can be canceled while “trading, placing new orders & deposits resumes in 30 min or so.”During the security upgrade at 03:00 UTC, Binance released a support message noting that all services will be suspended during this time.

The upgrade took “longer than expected” and required a two-hour extension. After the upgrade, Binance noted that all trading activity will recommence at 13:00 (UTC). While CZ mentioned that Binance will make changes related to its Application Programming Interface (API), two-factor authentification (2FA) and withdrawal validation, the exchange did not reveal complete details regarding their security upgrades. They did, however, mention they are currently improving know-your-customer procedures and other issues in the back-end.

And finally, the last news item for today! According to the EOSWriter, the publication shares with us a few different viewpoints from prominent members in the crypto space on what EOS’ 1st of June announcement from the organization will be.

Brendan Blumer, the CEO mentioned exclusively to the publication that “Last June, delivered the world’s most performance Blockchain Protocol, EOS; this June, we’re focused on delivering safety, alignment, and decentralization to mainstream personal infrastructure that is completely broken today.”

Now there hasn’t been too much information shared with us. Dan Larimer has stated “What if you could decentralize social media more than Steemit?

The future of social media is thousands of blockchains under independent governance coordinating with interchain communication behind a seamless user experience”  He also mentioned a public roadmap will disclose everything we have been and will be working on. A date has been set.”

“When the time comes, our marketing will be beyond anything seen in crypto. But before you can market, you need an onboarding strategy that can convert users and a service that can retain them.”

“June will be biggest news since eosio announcement.”

“We will not sell data to advertisers” “We will not collect data like Facebook.”

WOW This is definitely something really big, Rob Finch believes that it will be groundbreaking and play an instrumental role in moving the EOS ecosystem forward.

Ali Ayyash noted that b1 will announce something not EOSio related rather some government related updates,

and Nathan James added. I estimate a way to finally fly using umbrellas.

Those are just a few opinions on what the Block One June announcement will be. Damn guys, if it’s something crazy big, then I’m Cardano, and the ADA token will benefit significantly! If you guys want to know more about EOS, please make sure you check out James video and why he believes EOS is set to go to the MOOON in 2019!


So what are your thoughts on this situation?

What are your thoughts on eBay’s bitcoin adoption denial? Do you think that it is strong enough to kill the raging bull?

What do you think about Eric Voorhees comments concerning bitcoin use cases? And how do you see the bug on the bitcoin cash network?

Are you happy that Binance is back? And what do you think the June 1st announcement will be?

Once again guys, please make sure you like the video, subscribe, and share with me what you think down below! And if you do, you could actually $70 worth of Cardano this week. It’s Cindy with CryptoPig. I’ll see you guys around!


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