HUGE Crypto Website Shuts Down!!! + Target (US) is Developing its Blockchain + Ripple XRP Giveaway

Today we have a pretty cool and amazing set of cryptocurrency news to share with you.

Now first up, looks like, after 6 years, well-known Cryptocurrency news site CCN Shuts down after major Google Search update, next up, we have US retailer Target unveiling an open source blockchain for supply chain tracking, after that, we have new report reviews blockchain applications by US Federal Government. Furthermore, cybercriminals use obfuscation trick to install crypto mining malware, and finally, we have Ethereum Starks scalability solution with 550 Tx/s Launches on their Testnet.

So, guys, we have lots of fantastic news to share with you today. If you want to hear all about it, please make sure you stay right until the very end!

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The Market Today

So let’s look at the market. As you guys can see it’s a nice, lush and green market today. Bitcoin is increasing by 3.9%, Ethereum’s Ether is growing by 4.65%, and XRP is also increasing by 1.66%. Now special shoutout to Litecoin with a growth of 10.33%. It looks like Litecoin’s halving is really acting as a price catalyst as the token keeps climbing in value. Now moving onto the top 20 market. Looks like there is also a pretty green market here with no major increases or decreases across the board.


CCN Shuts Down After Major Google Search Update

First up, according to Coindesk, looks like CCN is shutting down after the major Google Search Update. The site was experiencing a 71% fall in mobile traffic because of a recent update to Google’s search ranking. Jonas Borchgrevnik, the founder of CCN, mentioned on the site that:

CCN was founded in the summer of 2013 as CryptoCoinsNews. We have been around for six years. We are (were) the crypto-related news site with the highest amount of traffic worldwide. Although CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph have been friendly competitors with us in the past six years for the #1 Alexa spot.

As you guys can see here, this is what happened to CCN’s visibility index after Google’s June 2019 Core Update. But it wasn’t just CCN who was affected. Looks like the Daily Mail, even Coindesk, the leader in blockchain news experienced a 34.6% drop as well. This led many to believe that it was perhaps CCN’s conservative posts that resulted in the reduction of search activity.

Borchgrevnik then added that:

While CCN is unbiased as a news site- meaning no political agenda from the editorial board – we have allowed all sort of opinions from journalists and guest writers. From the far left, to the far right. Many of our political Op-Eds have been pro trump. Remember we are mainly a crypto centered news site. Cryptocurrencies started with bitcoin in 2009 as a counteraction against the financial meltdown and the cartel-like power possessed by banks and the FED (which is privately owned.) Bitcoin is, or at least was supposed to be DECENTRALIZED. We are true to the crypto community with our slogan. We are anti-elite. We are anti-centralization.


Definitely a shame to see CCN go so quickly.

If we hop on their site, they mentioned that their daily revenue is down by more than 90%. While they have asked for more guidance from Google’s Webmasters Forum, it hasn’t gotten CCN far. Really sad to see a crypto news giant go, I’m hoping the same won’t happen to other sites in the field.


Target Unveils Their Open Source Blockchain Technology

Now moving on, according to CoinTelegraph, we have Target, the US Retailer unveiling their open source blockchain technology used for the supply chain. Their blog post mentioned that Target ran a pilot test using blockchain technology to certify its paper products along the supply chain back in 2018.

The code used in the test was open source and on Github as ConsenSource for roughly about 2 months ago.  The Consensource blockchain is built on Hyperledger Sawtooth, one of the Hyperledger projects that are currently hosted by the Linux Foundation. Target will also be supporting the Hyperledger Grid, a project initiated largely by Cargill. It’ll be very interesting to see what the supply chain infrastructure with blockchain will look like when they address a number of issues for food retailing that include trade settlement, food safety, and trackability.


Bringing Blockchain Into Government

Moving on. Target isn’t the only company keen to go blockchain. Looks like the research organization Data foundation and Booz Allen Hamilton, an IT firm, have looked at where and how the United States can implement blockchain technology. The report is called, Bringing Blockchain into Government: A Path Forward for creating effective federal blockchain initiatives. The report noted that blockchain solutions are most appropriate when there is a level of procedure and consistency, with a low level of agility. The report noted that the US government could use blockchain on the FDA, Food and drug administration, Department of Health and Human supplies, department of defense and many others.


Cybercriminals Use Obfuscation To Install Crypto Mining Malware

Next up, we have Cybercriminals and how they are using obfuscation trick to install crypto mining malware on people’s computers. According to Cointelegraph, it looks like the hackers have been exploiting and vulnerability in the Oracle WebLogic server. They have managed to get into the system to install Monero mining malware while using certificate files as an obfuscation trick. It’s unfortunate that these cases of crypto jacking are back. Cybersecurity firm TrendMicro noted that:

The idea of using certificate files to hide malware is not a new one. By using certificate files of obfuscation purposes, a piece of malware can possibly evade detection since the downloaded file is in a certificate file format which is seen as normal – especially when establishing HTTPS connections.

Anyone using WebLogic Servers, please update your software to the latest version with the security patch to minimize the risk of being crypto jacked!


Ethereum Starks Scalability Solution with 550 Transactions per Second

And finally, the last news item for today. According to TrustNodes, looks like Ethereum Starks Scalability solution with 550 transactions per second launches on Testnet. This is great news for the Ethereum community since it’s a solution that can increase Ethereum’s capacity through the use of starks. This solution has been launched on the test net by 0x, the decentralized exchanges (dex) protocol. Matt Taylor from 0x stated that:

StarkDEX is decentralized exchange infrastructure that utilizes STARKs to remove the glass ceiling on non0custodial trading and allows crypto exchanges to offer their customers trading at scale, without counter-party risk. Today the system at max capacity can batch 8,000 transactions per block, which is over 550 transactions per second and 200x cheaper in terms of gas costs.


So guys, what are your thought on everything?

Are you sad to see CCN go?

But are you excited to see Target and potentially the US government jump into blockchain tech?

What about the crypto jacking situation? Are you surprised?

And finally, what do you think about Ethereum Staks Scalability solution?


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