Opera Browser Enables Direct Bitcoin Payments!!!

Today, we are going to go through four of the hottest news items in the past 24 hours. First up, it looks like you can now pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin on Amazon with a new browser extension. Second up, according to ING CEO Ralph Hamers, banks may cut ties with Facebook if the social media tech giant decides to launch their Libra stablecoin. Third up, CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert believed that Ethereum futures contracts are very likely to launch in the next 6 months. And lastly, Opera has just become the first major browser to enable direct Bitcoin payments right inside the browser.


The Market Today

Today, it looks like we have a pretty red market. Bitcoin is heading down towards the $8000 mark with a 2.06% drop from yesterday. In the second and third position, ETH and XRP are also losing significantly by 2.25% and 2.84% respectively.


Moon enables BTC, ETH or LTC payments on Amazon

According to TechCrunch, it looks like Moon’s browser extension lets you pay for things on Amazon using Bitcoin via the Lightning Network, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether. They’ve released a desktop browser extension for Google Chrome, Brave, and Opera. While many retailers are now open to cryptocurrencies, Moon gives crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to pay via crypto on the biggest e-commerce platforms that have not yet accepted cryptocurrencies. So how does it work? After you install the extension, Moon will automatically recognize when you’re on the Amazon checkout page and will insert the company’s own payment widget. So here, you can see how much you’ll pay in crypto before accepting the transaction. Here buyers can use a Bitcoin wallet that works on top of the Lightning Network. Or if you have a Coinbase account, you can pay it with your crypto balance. This way, if you hold BTC, ETH or LTC in your Coinbase account, you can pay in seconds by leveraging Coinbase’s API. Behind the scenes, Moon uses the prepaid value on Amazon. So when you’re paying with Moon – the service will automatically convert your cryptocurrencies, top up your Amazon account and pay with your Amazon balance. Best off all, Moon doesn’t charge any additional fees. Moon plans to expand beyond the US and Canada in the future so customers in Europe can also use the browser extension. They also want to expand to other e-commerce websites as well!


Banks may stop working with Facebook if they launch Libra

In the latest piece from Cointelegraph, Ralph Hamers, the CEO of ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation, claimed that banks may be bound to stop working with Facebook if the firm launches its Libra stablecoin. He pointed out that institutions like ING have to protect themselves from criminal activity. It’s because of this that concerns over Libra’s potential for illegal use may result in a response from the banks.

“We can take measures and exit the client, or not accept the client, so those are discussions you would have to have.”


He went on to explain that banks like ING have a rather low-risk approach because they are large regulated institutions and therefore don’t want to risk anything. Meanwhile, other bankers seem to be even less open-minded to the idea of the Libra token. Last week, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon stated that Libra stablecoin is an idea that while neat, won’t be coming into fruition. In addition, the Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also claimed that they are showing a high degree of caution in regard to Facebook’s Libra token.


CFTC Chairman: ETH futures contracts are likely available in 2020

According to a report by Cointelegraph, the Chairman of CFTC Heath Tarbert who spoke at Georgetown University stated that he absolutely believes that Ether futures will be available in the next six to 12 months. Regarding the market volume, Tarbert mentioned

“The volume to which it’ll trade, no idea, that’s where the markets decide, but my guess is now that we’ve provided at least … a little bit more clarity on [ether’s eligibility for futures contracts], my guess is market participants will consider that.”


Earlier this month, Tarbert declared Ether a commodity, announcing that this agency is willing to approve futures contracts on Ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, it remains unclear who will be offering ether futures contracts. Cboe and the Intercontinental Exchange, which offers bitcoin futures contracts, did not comment on the issuance of ether futures. According to Tarbert, at least to his knowledge, no company has applied to launch such a product.


Opera Browser enables direct Bitcoin payments

And finally guys, the last news segment for the day. It looks like the web browser Opera, now allows users to make payments with Bitcoin directly inside the browser. According to a press release they sent to Cointelegraph, Opera’s 350 million users can now send and receive BTC directly from the browser and use the cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services on e-commerce websites. The browser also allows users to add a Bitcoin and TRON card into the built-in Crypto wallet to keep track of the cryptocurrency owned. Charles Hamel, head of crypto at Opera, stated that,

“We believe that opening our browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making our solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin crypto wallet and would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account.”


The Opera browser previously released these features in their Beta version of the browser this summer, while the first cryptocurrency available for purchasing through the browser was Ether in February.


And there you have it guys! So what are your thoughts regarding all the news?

Are you excited to try the new extension to buy goods using crypto on Amazon?

Do you think banks will stop working with Facebook if they launch the Libra token?

Do you think there will be Ether futures contracts in 2020?

And are you using the Opera web browser? If you are, will you be leveraging the browser to directly purchase items using cryptocurrencies?


Please leave a comment right below to let me know what you guys are thinking.

It’s your girl Cindy with CryptoPig, I’ll see you guys soon.


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