PundiX’s Blockchain Phone is Coming Soon and it Looks Dope!!!

In this daily news series, we have some pretty awesome pieces of information to share with all of you. For the first news segment, Ethereum 2.0 has been progressing very quickly, moving faster than expected with all their major client now connected to each other in a Local Area Network Settings. Second up, it looks like researchers have published some evidence on what they claim as a coordinated pump and dump manipulation scheme involving the Chainlink token which occurred between April and July this year. Next up, it looks like Domino’s Pizza France has set a price of $100,000 worth in Euro in Bitcoin for its winners. Then we have more news from Coindesk. It looks like COinbase may soon launch an exchange offering platform. Moving on, the blockchain phone from PundiX, an open platform supporting blockchain businesses, is almost ready to launch. It’s coming soon and will most likely be a direct competitor to Samsung and LG’s counterparts. And last but not least, it looks like Facebook’s Libra token is seeking to register as a payment system in its headquarter country – Switzerland.


The Market Today

Once again, the crypto holders are still on the down-low today with the reds. Bitcoin is currently slightly decreasing with a 0.1% loss from yesterday. Meanwhile, Ethereum and XRP are dropping by 1.93% and 1.37% respectively.


Ethereum 2.0 surprisingly progresses

To kick off the news, it looks like, according to Trustnodes, Ethereum 2.0 is progressing extremely quickly, even faster than expected. It’s great to hear that all their major clients are now connected to one another in a local area network setting. Adrian Manning, the co-founder of Lighthouse’s Sigma Prime, stated that various ethereum 2.0 node clients, while they’re written in different programming languages, they can actually communicate with each other. These include Status’Nimbus, PegaSy’s ARtemis, Trinity, and ChainSafe’s Lodestar are all interoperable with each other. When the team was asked when a testnet might be complete, Mamy Ratsimbazafy of Status stated that,

“We didn’t expect 3-4 clients being able to communicate so early in the interop locking so we didn’t plan for that.”


Jack Sieka, an Ethereum 2.0 developer from the Nimbus team also stated

“we’ll release on when a sufficient number of clients are comfortable with all parts of the spec.”


It looks like an Eth 2.0 implementers call is held on Thursday, with the agenda to be published on GitHub. Definitely, great news to hear Ethereum, moving swiftly with their development.


Was Chainlink manipulated? 

According to a report on Cointelegraph, researchers recently published a blog post on September 11 that contains suspicious LINK token transactions during April and July 2019. The researchers claimed that this is a coordinated pump and dump manipulation. For those who are not familiar with the term “pump and dump,” it is a name given to a type of microcap fraud, in which the price of an asset is manipulated by a deliberated flow of high-volume transactions. This raises the public’s attention to buy this token, and surely, its price will surge. However, soon after that, the manipulators mass-sell their tokens, leaving victims with devalued assets.


Back to the case of Chainlink, An.Chain has published very detailed evidence, revealing many tweets, the date of LINK’s listing on crypto exchange Coinbase, and the price diagram of this token. For example, the coin move from $1.19 on June 13 to $4.45 by June 29, before beginning to drop on July 2 to $3.73. The researching group also gives some parameters to identify manipulation, such as the use of multiple jump addresses to mask the token flow. Chainlink hasn’t responded to the claim yet, so we just have to wait and see.


Domino’s Pizza giving away $100,000 BTC prize

The Domino’s Pizza France has just announced its promotion for an ordering competition where you can win $100,000 in Euros paid out by Bitcoin (BTC) or in cash. Now, this giveaway is a part of its 30th-anniversary celebration. The campaign was initiated on Sept. 4 and is expected to end on Oct. 2, allowing all consumers to participate while ordering at their stores. The rules also point out that the lucky winner will receive Bitcoin in their wallet by Dec. 16, 2019. The Bitcoin will have a value of 100,000 Euros calculated according to the exchange rates on the day of purchase of BItcoin by the organizer. For those who are unaware, this is not the first time Domino’s Pizza adopted cryptos. In May this year, their Singaporean and Malaysian branches cooperated with Dutch blockchain firm SingularityNET to deploy its blockchain-enabled artificial intelligence technology. Dominos’ PIzza is also one of the only pizza companies that allow their customers to purchase pizzas with Bitcoin as part of May 22’s Bitcoin Pizza Day.


Coinbase will launch IEO 

Next up, in a panel discussion on Wednesday this week, Coinbase’s head of institutional sales in Asia, Kayvon Pirestani revealed that Coinbase is working on an initial exchange offering (IEO) platform and its launch soon. During the conference, PIrestani also added:

“In a nutshell, Coinbase is carefully exploring not only the IEO space but also STOs [security token offerings]. But I can’t make any formal announcements right now.”


So, what is exactly an IEO? It is another crowdfunding tool for cryptocurrency startups, rather than the infamous ICO. This type of funding depends on the exchange to act as the trusted broker offering the token sale. Moreover, IEO usually requires a commitment from the exchange to handle know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks on a startup’s behalf. At the moment, most exchange giants such as Bitfinex and Binance have supported IEOs. For Coinbase, they confirmed that they did gain their broker-dealer licenses and are obtaining the respective licenses.


PundiX’s blockchain phone is coming 

PundiX, an open platform aiming at helping blockchain businesses, claimed that their blockchain phone, BOB, is nearly ready to launch. The news was released by the company at the IFA 2019 event in Berlin this week. Accordingly, the new mobile device is scheduled to go on pre-order in the fourth quarter, this year, starting at $599 via Kickstarter and PundiX’s XWallet. The mobile is officially called “Blok on Blok,” or BOB. With the BOB phone, all your data will be managed by the Function X blockchain system, ensuring that no centralized service providers are storing your private information. One more cool thing about this phone is that we can literally modify the device’s external look. Specifically, the phone will come with a “MOD Assembly Kit,” with detachable parts that users can change to suit their demands. Commenting on the news, Zac Cheah, co-founder, and CEO of Pundi X, said:

“BOB gives a sneak peek of a world powered entirely by blockchain technology, where everyone has control over their own data and everything is executed with the expectations of immutability and transparency.”


Libra applied for a license as a payment system

According to a report on Coindesk, the technology giant Facebook is looking to register Libra as a payment system in Switzerland. The Swiss financial regulator FINMA confirmed the news yesterday, stating that it received a request to assess how it would classify the Libra project as currently planned. FINMA replied:

“Due to the issuance of Libra payment tokens, the services planned by the Libra project would clearly go beyond those of a pure payment system”.


At the moment, global regulators seem to be very concerned that Libra would be a tool for money launderers as it is accessible by billions of Facebook users in the world. Regarding this, Swiss watchdog clarified:

“Under the FMIA, all additional services that increase the risks of a payment system must be subject to corresponding additional requirements. This means that all the potential risks […] can be addressed by imposing appropriate requirements in line with the maxim ‘same risks, same rules’.”


So what are your thoughts regarding all the news?

Are you surprised by the rapid development of Ethereum 2.0?

Do you think that there is a real pump and dump manipulation with Chainlink’s price?

Will Domino’s Pizza adopt$ $100,000 Euro in Bitcoin as well?

Are you excited about the new initial exchange offering on Coinbase?

Can BOB phone beat Samsung’s Klaytn Phone?

Will Facebook’s Libra token be successful at registering its license in Switzerland?


Please pop a comment down below to let me know your concerns.

It’s your girl Cindy with CryptoPig. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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