Ripple Opens Office in Zurich!!! + Bitcoin HUGE Giveaway

Today we have three really cool news pieces to share with you. So first up we have, Ripple launching a new office in Zurich to attract institutional buyers for XRP. Then we have Microsoft announcing VeriSol, an Ethereum smart contract verification scheme for the Solidity programming language. And finally, we have the last segment, which is that Bots make up 75% of transactions on all EOS decentralized applications per report. Now if you guys want to hear all about it, please make sure you stay right until the very end!

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The Market Today

Moving onto the market, let’s see how it’s performing. And today we have a pretty nice market with primary greens and just a few reds. Bitcoin is increasing by 0.68%, Ethereum’s Ether is increasing by 2.10%, and Ripple’s XRP is up by 0.95%. In the top 10, we don’t have too many major increases or decreases. Now when we move to the top 20, you can see here that there are similar trends and that there are no major falls, spikes, or boosts in the market.


Ripple Launches New Office in Zurich To Attract Institutional Buyers


Let’s look at the news. According to ZCrypto, it looks like Ripple is launching a new office in Zurich to attract Institutional Buyers for XRP. Ripple has been making a lot of moves in the institutional space, the new office in Zurich is a great way for the team to cement their position and interact with one of the biggest cities with the largest number of banks.

The move also comes at a similar time when Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, spoke at a Swiss National Bank Conference, where he enlightened a lot of the people on the essence of blockchain technology. The conference had many influential central and Commerical bankers who have been increasingly interested in Ripple’s products.

Looking back, it’s not the first time Ripple has launched an Office in a prime location. In February 2019, according to Use the bitcoin, Ripple opened a new office in Shanghai. Ripple also opened up a new office in Dubai by the end of 2018. While their primary office is in San Francisco, looks like the tech startup now has an office in New York, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, and what it looks like more to come. These offices and global positions help Ripple capture a strong Global Presence but with a sense of localization, such as hosting local events and understanding local needs while building out their global footprint.

As Ripple is growing quite quickly, looks like it’s not only their offices that are growing though. There have been a lot of reports concerning fake cryptocurrency trading volumes. According to Cointelegraph, it looks like Ripple is not only keen to expand their global footprint but has also promised a higher degree of accuracy for XRP volumes and sales, as you guys can see in this post published on June 3rd.


Microsoft Announces Verisol

Now moving on, Microsoft has just announced Verisol, an open source formal Ethereum smart contract verification scheme designed for the Solidity programming language. According to Cryptoslate, the term VeriSol – short for Verifier for Solidity, will enable developers to write specifications in their contracts using a language that can be tested with mathematical logic machinery.

According to the blog, “Verisol allows us to iterate more quickly because of the automatic and continuous checking, and it allows us to catch bugs faster without having to worry about potentially affecting customers,” mentioned Cody Born, a senior software engineer on the Azure Blockchain team.

The reason behind the creation of Verisol lies within the high-profile breaches in public blockchains like The DAO exploit and Parity wallet bug. These threats are therefore very serious, and something the Microsoft Azure Blockchain team have taken aboard to see how the can contribute to the blockchain sector further, especially when it comes to security issues. It’s their vision of fortifying smart contracts in Azure Blockchain and collaboration with others that led to VeriSol. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Microsoft dabble further in the blockchain space in the future. At this stage, Verisol has already been applied to a diverse set of smart contracts in the Azure blockchain ecosystem. While Verisol is still a prototype, the Azure Blockchain team have lofty goals for the verification tool and encourage open collaboration to bring formal verification to the mainstream smart contract development.


Bots Made 75% of Transactions On All EOS DApps

And finally, the last news for today. According to Decrypt, bots made 75% of transactions on all EOS DApp per report. That means that only a quarter of EOS DApp transactions were made by real people. So where did this report come from?

It was written by AnChain.AI  a blockchain startup that uses machine learning to analyze blockchain data. This is very concerning as EOS, like many other decentralized application platforms suffer from too few users. According to DApp Radar, only five EOS decentralized applications had more than 1,500 users in the last 24 hours. Since EOS has no transaction fees, there’s nothing there to stop people from spamming the network and using bots to make thousands of automated transactions every day.

Metrics concerning daily user activity and daily volume are important to assess the success of an app, but when we have bots recreating these signups and activity levels, it makes it hard to assess the true success of a dapp. In saying that the dapp environment is however still maturing and it currently remains unregulated. With more time, we can see more standardization and regulation that can support the crypto and blockchain environment.


Thoughts On The Situation

So what are your thoughts on these situations guys?

What do you think about Ripple’s global footprint?

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s new Verisol tool?

And finally, are you concerned that EOS only has 25% of actual users?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. And remember you can win $70 in Bitcoin. All you need to do is like, comment, and subscribe. It’s your girl Cindy with Cryptopig. I’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow.


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