UNBELIAVABLE!!Justin Sun Paid 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS to Lunch With Warren Buffet!!! + Bitcoin Giveaway!!!

Today we’ve got three amazing news segments to discuss with you. So let’s have a look at what they are.

First up guys, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, won an eBay Charity Auction in a $4.57 million bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett. This is pretty interesting considering how much of a non-crypto supporter Buffett is. Will Sun change his mind? We’ll have to wait and see. Next, up China’s Baidu search trends collide with Bitcoin’s May Bull Run. We mentioned yesterday that Bitcoin was going crazy this month in terms of purchase volume, but could China be responsible for fueling much of May’s gains in Bitcoin prices? And finally, on Reddit, we have the 5th fresco with a #Bitcoin QR Code for donations. In 2 years, the artist has received 1.16 bitcoins received for his work. Now guys, if you’re excited to hear all about the news, please make sure you stay right until the very end!!

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The Market Today

Let’s look at how the market is performing. And it’s, unfortunately, quite a red market with seriously steep declines. We have Bitcoin first up with 7.47% drop, then Ethereum falling at 7.56%, and finally we have XRP in third place also falling by 7.52%. Hopping back to the charts, you can see there are very steep declines overall with Bitcoin Cash falling 10.02%, Litecoin decreasing by 8.41%, EOS by 11.69% and Stellar by 8.41%. If we look at the top 20, we can see a similar trend. Looks like there are also big declines from TRON, IOTA, and NEO all falling by doble digits. But it appears as though Cosmos is still performing well, as the only token in the greens!


Tron’s Justin Sun has just won lunch with Warren Buffet via an eBay auction

Moving onto the news, as you guys can see, according to Cointelegraph, Tron’s Justin Sun has just won lunch with Warren Buffet via an eBay auction. So this was the big news he was tweeting about yesterday!. How much did Sun bid for this opportunity? A whopping $4,567,888 to win the Charity Auction. It’s been an Auction that has gone on for the past 20 years. All the winners have previously been unnamed, but it’s not a surprise that Sun wants the news to be quite public. Sun will also have the opportunity to bring along 7 friends to the lunch with Buffett at a steakhouse in New York.

The proceeds of the auction will go to the San Francisco based non-profit GLIDE foundation. While many have questioned Sun’s motives and whether he will attempt to convince the billionaire investor to join the crypto bandwagon, Sun noted that:

BitTorrent and TRON’s US headquarters are in San Francisco, and bidding on this charity auction was a key priority for our team. I’m proud to have my bid donated to GLIDE, a foundation that provides critical support for our local homeless community.

Sun’s charity lunch with Buffett has a lot of the community questioning what will happen. I’m not sure if you guys remember, but Buffett is well known for his negative-publicized view of cryptocurrencies. At one point, he called Bitcoin “probably rate poison squared.” Buffett has, however, made many more positive comments regarding blockchain technology. I don’t think Sun can change Buffet’s mind within an afternoon, but it could be a great opportunity for the cryptocurrency and investment industries to meet.


China’s Baidu returns search trends that collide with Bitcoin’s May bullish Run

Moving on, we have the Chinese market and China’s Baidu (the equivalent of Google) here returning search trends that collide well with Bitcoin’s May bullish Run. According to the CCN, while the Chinese Government has a stern crackdown on cryptocurrencies, it’s definitely not stopping the local people from investing in Bitcoin. Economist Alex Kruger found that China had very much fueled a lot of the gains in BTC last month. While Bitcoin fell 7% in the last 24 hours in June, in May, the token increased by 60%.

Kruger mentioned on Twitter that:

There’s been a lot of talk about how China has been the driver behind Bitcoin’s move up since the first week of May. So I decided to look into Bitcoin Baidu trends (China’s Google). China’s Bitcoin popularity has definitely been on the rise.

The bullish bitcoin prices and Baidu search trends are most likely not just a coincidence. Given the fears of a falling Yuan from the US and China trade war, many have been converting their local currency into USD or Bitcoin.

Kruger then further backed up his search showing how Bitcoin searched linked with cryptocurrency performance even back in April. In May these trends became much more apparent.

Bitcoin Donations are Back In

And the last news item for today. Looks like Bitcoin donations are back in. According to  Reddit, an artist has posted that this is his: ”5th Fresco with a #Bitcoin QRcode for donations.

Thanks to the community for helping me fund my street art paintings, already 1.16 Bitcoin received till 2 years. This street art piece is inspired by the autoportrait of Gustave Courbet named “the Desperate man: Cheers! PBoy.” This definitely fantastic news for the artist and the cryptocurrency community. It’s a testament to the technology and how easy it is to send money in this case donations to someone else.


So guys, what are your thoughts on these situations?

Do you think Sun can bridge the gap between crypto and investing at his lunch with Warren Buffet? And is China responsible for the Bitcoin bull run?  And finally what are your thoughts on the Bitcoin donations and art mural? I think it just shows how easy Bitcoin transfers really are, and what a great opportunity we have today, over our older traditional money transfer system.

Let me know what you think guys. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to go in the draw to win $70 Bitcoin this week! It’s Cindy with Cryptopig! I’ll be catching up with you guys again tomorrow!



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