Will XRP Outperform BTC?!? It is still 90% down from ATH!!! + $70 Giveaway

Today I would like to share the set of cool news we prepared for you. So let’s jump into it! First up, reported on Crypto Globe, in an interview with Finance Magnates published on June 26, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, strongly believes that they can beat Facebook’s new coin in emerging markets. Next, Bleeding Crypto, a popular crypto enthusiast, and analyst believe that Ethereum has outperformed BTC and major cryptocurrencies in ROI year after year. And if for those who unfortunately have missed the Bitcoin bull run lately, ZyCrypto believes that you can ride the XRP wave because it could be the next alternative. And Finally, according to BeinCrypto, Gold and Bitcoin are likely to go up as the dollar is getting weaker as President Trump orders fresh sanctions against Iran’s Ali Khamenei regime on June 24.

So guys, do you want to hear all the news for today? Just sit tight, and I will tell you all shortly.

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The Market Today

Let’s have a look at today’s crypto market on CoinMarketCap. Today, the market is totally bearish with all cryptocurrencies in reds. For the top 10 tokens, after breaking the $13,000 mark, Bitcoin now drops back to the price around $11,300 with 12.8% decrease. Most of the other coins are also falling more than 10%. Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS all are losing more than 11%. Moving on to the top 20, as you can see, we have all tokens are plummeting with Ethereum Classic losing significantly by 13.57%.


Charles Hoskinson Believes Cardano Can Outcompete Facebook

Now, let’s jump right to the news for today. In an article published on Cyptoglobe, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and the founder of Cardano (ADA),   the Cardano team’s ability to outcompete Facebook’s Libra coin in the Emerging Markets. The CEO thinks that emerging markets are great places for cryptocurrencies to thrive.

Hoskinson stated in a recent interview:

When I look at the developed world, I don’t care. It’s highly regulated and, in many cases, a rigged system. If I decide to compete with a tech company they can just push me out via regulation.

Earlier in June, Charles Hoskinson met with the Prime Minister of Georgia to discuss how IOHK can boost this country’s technology development. In particular, he emphasized the vision that blockchain technology can have a positive impact on infrastructures, such as education and medical records. Ultimately, in developing and emerging markets, payments will be the main battleground for crypto issuers like Facebook and Cardano. He clearly expressed his point of view:

I am not entering a market and looking to extract value from people. Facebook has to come into countries it doesn’t know a lot about and convinces them to enslave themselves to an economic monopoly and give nothing in return.”


Ethereum to Outdo Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Now moving on, for the second news item for today, according to ZyCrypto, Ethereum (ETH) is confirmed by analysts, including Tom Lee, the Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder, to outdo Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the near future.  Another popular crypto advocate and analyst, Bleeding Crypto, also drew the attention of the crypto sphere to ETH’s performance over time. He recently tweeted that,

Look at the historical screenshots and see for yourself that ETH has outperformed BTC in ROI year after year.

With this analysis, he emphasized that no one should miss another chance offered by ETH if they missed out recently with Bitcoin.

For those who are unaware, Ethereum (ETH) which is in the second position just after Bitcoin, has been up to 3.06% in the last hour, 10.9% in the past 24 hours, and 28.87% in the past 7 days.


XRP To Surge Next in the Market?

Did you guys miss the rise of Bitcoin recently? If so, don’t worry because, in a report on ZyCrypto, XRP could be the next best alternative for you. Why does XRP have a great potential to make the next surge in the market? When compared with bitcoin, our third largest token by market cap is still undervalued. From history, we can notice that XRP has managed to grow from the downtrend in the market. Not only that, on June 17, 2019, Ripple announced its partnership with MoneyGram. With this collaboration, enthusiasts are hopeful that XRP price will surge to breach the resistance at $0.5. While we do not think that XRP will beat out Bitcoin in the long run, there is great potential that it can surge well.


Bitcoin and Gold to Increase as US Orders Sanctions Against Iran

And guys, for the final piece of news, President Trump ordered fresh sanctions against Iran’s Ali Khamenei regime on June 24 that has weakened the dollar and pushed the Bitcoin price and Gold to new levels. On June 25, the US Dollar plunged to a multi-month low against the Euro and the Japanese Yen. The US’s Growing tensions with Iran and China are the primary factors contributing to the US dollars downturn. Meanwhile, some analysts and holders believe that Bitcoin’s recent surge is a kind of “anti-dollar” trade. Considering the recent trend of the two currencies, it is quite apparent that there is a negative correlation between the two that has been pushing Bitcoin up as the dollar weakens.


And that is the last news for today and also for this week guys. I am very happy that you have stayed with me until the very end. Now, please share with me what you are thinking about regarding the news.

Do you think that Cardano can really beat Facebook’s Libra token?

Do you think Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin?

Are you going to buy XRP to wait for the next surge?

And do you think that there is really a correlation between the US dollar and Bitcoin? Or it is just a coincidence? 

Finally, our giveaway of $70 worth of Bitcoin. So don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to get a chance to win our giveaway. It’s your girl Cindy with CryptoPig. I’ll see you guys next week!


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